Bournemouth Air Festival Parking

During the Air show Bournemouth Council open three large Park & Ride car parks on the outskirts of Bournemouth. If you are coming to Bournemouth by car to see the airshow it is advisable to use one of these Park & Ride car parks as town centre and nearby beach parking tends to be a nightmare. The Park & Ride car parks all offer all day parking. Included in with the parking fee is a free bus trip to and from the town centre for driver and passengers. I believe the maximum number per car is six without a surcharge. All of the Park & Ride sites will be heavily sign-posted with marshalls available to help you get to the air show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I hope this information is correct but it is NOT guaranteed. It is provided as-is in the hope it may be useful.

Below are the three sites with their associated post codes, cost and periods of opening.

Kings Park

Kings Park Park &. Ride is arguably the easiest and most straight forward to get to. Come down the A338 from Ringwood, go under the "Welcome To Bournemouth" sign and keep going over a fly-over. Then, about 1/2 a mile further on there is a turning on the left off the dual carriage way which will take you to Kings Park. All this will be fully sign-posted.

Kings Park Post Code is: BH7 7AF

Kings Park Opening Times

Littledown Centre & Bournemouth Hospital

The LittleDown Centre will only be open on the Saturday and Bournemouth Hospital will provide overflow parking on the Saturday and parking on the Sunday when the Littledown park &. Ride is closed. The Littledown Centre isa large Leisure Centre where Air Show parking is normally accomodated on the playing fields. Due to the expected high demand for parking this year, there will be overflow parking at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital which is on the opposite side of the dual carriageway to the Littledown Centre. Evidently the hospital parking will only be used when Littledown is full on the Saturday, but will be open on the Sunday instead of the Littledown Centre. As normal the access to these two sites will be fully signposted

The Littledown Centre and Royal Bournemouth Hospital are off the first turning after the "Welcome to Bournemouth" sign on a bridge. After you take the turn-off, you feed onto a multi-lane carriage way.

For Littledown Centre: Get in the outer lane and turn right at the traffic lights, then turn right at the following small roundabout. Obviously the access may change somewhat depending on how the car marshalling is organised. Follow the marshalls this is only a guide!

For Bournemouth Hospital stay in the inner lane and turn left at the traffic lights. Follow the signs.

Littledown Post Code is: BH7 7DX

Bournemouth Hospital Post Code is: BH7 7DW

Littledown Opening Time

Bournemouth Hospital Park &. Ride Opening Times


Redhill has been used for a number of years as mainly an ancilliary car park for the air-show but this year it appears it has supplanted Littedown and will be open for three days of the festival.

Redhill Park Post Code is: BH9 2SW

Redhill Park Opening Times