Hengistbury Head Beach (Solent Beach)

The Southern beach below Hengistbury Head is one of the the less commercialised beaches in the Bournemouth area. It is now known as Solent Beach although most people still know it as Hengistbury Head Beach.

Hengistbury Head Beach also called Solent Beach
Looking down Solent Beach on a windy day

The beach is a mix of sand and shingle and is offset by the 30 metre high crumbling cliff-face of Hengistbury Head. Although somewhat despoiled by the very necessary beach defences, the beach is a quiet natural place.

If you want a continuous supply of icecream, nearby toilets, childrens clubs etc, this is the wrong beach for you. If however you like to be a little more self sufficient and dislike noisy crowded beaches you will find Solent beach more to your liking. Be aware that there is no Lifeguard on the this beach and you should stay back from the cliffs.

Hengistbury Head Beach and Cliffs
The cliffs and Solent beach at Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Beach is also popular for sea fishing, especially from the end of the Long Groyne. Nearby open grassland known as Barn Field, allows the visitor to picnic away from the sandy beach and is also very popular for kite flying. Visitors should be aware that fires and barbeques are not allowed, this is after all, a very special place and should be treated with respect. There are toilets and a cafe near the Noddy train ticket office which is adjacent to Hengistbury Head Car Park.