Bournemouth Beaches

This site provides a simple guide to local Bournemouth Beaches and nearby parking. It also includes information on Bournemouth town centre and town centre parking.

East Cliff Beach Bournemouth
West Cliff Beach - a central Bournemouth Beach

Often all Bournemouth beaches from Mudeford Sandspit through Solent Beach, and up to Alum Chine are considered collectively as "the" Bournemouth beach. But the characteristics and accessability of individual beaches that make up this seven mile stretch of golden sand varies considerably.

Each of the Bournemouth beaches has its own charm and character. Bournemouth beaches, collectively hold no less than 4 Blue flag awards for Alum Chine, Durley Chine, Fishermans Walk and Southbourne beaches.

These four beaches straddle the central core Bournemouth beaches of East Cliff and West Cliff so you can be pretty sure of the cleanliness of the water and the quality of the facilities of all Bournemouth beaches.

Alum Chine Beach Bournemouth
Alum Chine Beach just West of Bournemouth Town Centre

Bournemouth also holds the Quality Coast Award for the area around Bournemouth Pier. Bournemouth pier is actually the dividing point between East Cliff beach and West Cliff beach so again, the visitor can be assured of the quality commitment (and also attention to detail) to this area. Bournemouth council, quite correctly has identified Bournemouth beach(es) as the primary identifier associated with Bournemouth. Consequently, in summer, the beach are cleaned daily and are extensively monitored for any problems.

All the main tourist beaches are patrolled by a small army of lifeguards (outsourced to the R.N.L.I) and innovative methods to prevent lost children (KidZone) are in place. Recently many hundreds of tons of sand have been dredged up from Poole bay and added to Bournemouth beach so now the beach is almost double the width of 20 years ago.