Durley Chine Beach

Durley Chine is the most easterly of three adjacent Chines. Just to the west is Middle Chine and to the west of that is Alum Chine. They are all beautiful beaches with impeccable water purity. Middle Chine does have a dog friendly area in the summer but Durley Chine and Alum Chine do not.

For a full list and more information on which beaches in Bournemouth and Poole are dog friendly and at what times of the year click on This Link

The area of Durley Chine behind the beach is now a 131 space car park. Just as you reach the beach you will find a Harvester Inn on the left. The beach also has a cafe and a number of other beach orientated shops selling everything from ice-cream and chips through to sun hats and sun glasses. There is also a boat hire facility.

In Summer the beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards who have a prominent watch house on the beach. The lifeguards also administer the clever and sensible LV KidZone scheme. It is an ideal and safe beach for children with mountains of fine yellow sand.

Looking West along Durley Chine Beach
Looking West along Durley Chine Beach

What is a Chine?

The end of the Chine as it reaches the Beach

A Chine is essentially a narrow gorge leading down to the beach from higher ground. Unfortunately Durley Chine itself is now essentially a large car park and has no scenic value.However just 75 meters further west along the beach is the beautiful Middle Chine that also leads down onto the west end of Durley Chine Beach. Middle Chine is a pretty gentle walk of about 500 meters from West Overcliff Drive. The top entrance to Middle Chine is near the junction of West Overcliff Drive, West Cliff Road and Clarendon Road. See more on Middle Chine on this link

Parking at Durley Chine (BH2 5JG)


The primary parking area for Durley chine is a 131 space car park that occupies the Durley Chine gorge directly behind the beach. Unfortunately the main car park for Durley chine beach has a very confusing post code.

Officially the code is BH2 5JG although on Google maps (and Bing maps) the correct code appears to be BH2 5JF. The post code for some flats near the entrance to the car park is given as BH2 5HJ. So take your choice, although personally I would go for BH2 5JF. Please remember that a post code is NOT for the car park but for a nearby location. When you approach the end of your journey you need to watch out for the car park and car park road sign directions.

Durley Chine Road Parking (BH2 5HJ – West Overcliffe Drive)

There is a significant amount of rood parking on the cliff top road above the beach. If you decide to go for this instead of turning into the car park follow the road round to the left. This is West Overcliff Drive. It is long sweeping road with parking (in places) on both sides and extends all the way to Middle Chine.

If parking is available it is usually along the cliff end. There is though no need to walk back to the car park entrance as there is a set of steps that take you down the side of Durley Chine. They end up near the Harvester Inn at the bottom right by the beach. Take care though. The steps are steep and there are a lot of them! The alternative is to walk west and go down the more picturesque Middle Chine. Here you end up at the junction of the two chines.