Beach Parking: Bournemouth Christchurch Poole

Below are post codes for beach parking. They are related to the main Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Beach car parks and are associated with the specific beach. See the The Bournemouth Town Parking page for car parks more centric to Bournemouth town centre.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I hope this information is correct but it is NOT guaranteed. It is provided as-is.

Note: These post code are NOT necessarily the same as the official beach postcode. They relate to nearby parking.

I’ve grouped them together by area on these three links below but if you just want to peruse them all just scroll down.

The car parks near the main beaches fill very quickly. But if you are prepared to walk a short distance there are usually alternatives. There is a (diminishing) amount of free on street parking.

Before using on street parking ALWAYS check the time limits on the parking. Much on-street parking is severely time limited (e.g. 30 minutes or 1-2 hours). All parking restrictions in Bournemouth are rigorously enforced.

What was free parking the last time your were here may not be free this time! Or may have had it’s time limits changed. Seek out the parking signs that are usually on lamp-posts. Check it!

Bournemouth Beaches


Parking: Alum Chine Beach BH4 8HS

Alum Chine Car park has 105 spaces including 5 disabled bays. It’s approximately 200 yards further on from the post code given above. Some more information is on the Alum Chine Beach page here.

Parking: Boscombe Beach BH5 1BN

The Overstrand car park has about 70 spaces. There is also another car park at the bottom of the hill – This is the Undercliff Drive car park. It holds about 300 cars. Some more information is on the Boscombe Beach page here.

Parking: Durley Chine Beach BH2 5JF

Durley Chine car park holds 130 cars. You can also park for free (the last time I looked!) on the road nearby. More information is on the Durley Chine Beach page here.

Parking: East Cliff Beach and West Cliff Beach BH1 2EW

The two main car parks for these tow beaches are Bath Road North and Bath Road South. They have the same post code. See either the West Cliff beach page or the East Cliff beach page for more information.

Parking: Fishermans Walk Beach BH5 1LL

You can park on the road near Fishermans Walk beach along Boscombe Overcliff Drive. The postcode above is about half way along. More information is on the Fishermans Walk Beach page here.

Parking: Hengistbury Head Beach and Mudeford Sandspit. BH6 4EL and BH6 4DX

The main Hengistbury Head (and therefore Mudeford Sandbank) car park is the Broadway Car Park (BH6 4EL) There is also Solent Car park at BH6 4DX. More information for Hengistbury Head can be found on the Hengistbury Head webpage. The Hengistbury Head website also has more access information. Details of other access options for Mudeford Sandbank can be found on the Mudeford Sandbank webpage here.

Parking: Manor Steps Beach BH5 1LL

Manor Steps beach is between Boscombe beach and Fishermans Walk Beach. Consequently the parking for this beach is similar to Fisherman’s Walk Beach. This is essentially road parking along Boscombe Overcliff Drive. In this case for this beach this is nearest to the East of this postcode. More information on the Manor Steps Beach is here

Parking: Middle Chine Beach (BH4 8AA)

Mainly road parking. The Middle Chine Beach Page contains more information.

Parking: Southbourne Beach BH6 4BE

Warren Edge car park (Southbourne) holds around 180 vehicles.There is also some nearby road parking. More information is on the Southbourne Beach page here.

Christchurch Beaches

Parking: Avon Beach Mudeford BH23 4AG or BH23 4DX or BH23 4EW

There are three car parks withing fairly easy walking distance of this beach. The first is at the western end of the beach at BH23 4AG.It holds around 95 cars. The second car park is for around 250 cars at BH23 4DX. The other car park is a grass car park at BH23 4EW on Southcliffe road. There is some time limited street parking along Avon Run Road but otherwise parking is dire. Some more information is on the Avon Beach page here.

Parking: Friars cliff beach (BH23 4TA)

This is Steamer Point car Park. It is a seasonal car park so check it is open. The Friarscliffe Beach Page. has more information on accessibility for this beach

Parking: Gundimore Beach (BH23 4AG or BH23 4AB)

BH23 4AG is the main car park for Avon Beach. BH23 4AB is Mudeford Quay car park. Both are an easy walk from Gundimore Beach. The Gundimore Beach Page contains more information on how to access this beach

Poole Beaches

Parking: Flaghead Chine Beach (BH13 7LP)

There are a number of car parks which are all about 10-15 minutes walk from this beach. The above postcode is the “offical” car park. The FlagHead Chine Beach Page has more information on access to this beach..

Parking: Branksome Dene Beach (BH13 6JP)

The main car park for Branksome Dene Beach. There are others. The Branksome Dene Beach Page contains more information on this beach..

Parking: Branksome Chine Beach (BH13 6LP)

The main car park for Branksome Chine Beach. There are others. This beach has more information on the Branksome Chine beach page

Parking: Shore Road Beach (BH13 7PH)

The main car park for Shore road beach holds 72 cars. This beach has more information on the Shore Road Beach Page.

Parking: Sandbanks Beach (BH13 8QJ)

Sandbanks Beach has a large car park for 530 cars. Find more information for this beach on the Sandbanks Beach page.

Parking: Hamworthy Beach (BH15 4DH)

This is the main car park at Hamworthy Park. It has 44 spaces. More information on access to this beach is available on the Hamworthy Beach page.

Parking: Lake Road Beach (BH15 4LR)

This is the Lake Pier car park of 66 spaces. More information on access to this beach is available on the Lake Road Beach webpage.