Hamworthy Park Beach

Hamworthy Park Beach is unusual as it is actually within Poole Harbour and so does not front onto the open sea. It is though still a fine beach and a great place for water sports.

There are a number of beach-huts along the back of the beach and it is an integral part of the pretty Hamworthy Park. Within Hamworthy Park you will find a large paddling Poole and a nearby cafe as well a children’s play area.

Hamworthy Park Beach: Dog Friendly


This is a dog friendly beach although the play park and paddling pool are strictly out of bounds. You can find information on all dog friendly beaches within Bournemouth Poole and Christchurch on this page

An Integral Part of Hamworthy Park.

This is a less hectic beach. But is a charming and friendly place to go for an outing. Be aware though that it still gets busy in the summer. Don’t forget there’s a large beautiful park immediately adjacent to it.

So if you don’t like sand in your sandwiches you can always just drop back from the beach. Just find a nice grassy spot and have the there!

The Friends of Hamworthy Park

Hamworthy Park is enthusiastically supported by the Friends of Hamworthy Park. Check out their website for loads more information on this beautiful area of Poole.

Hamworthy Park Beach Parking

Hamworthy Park Car Park BH15 4DJ

This is a small surface car park with 44 spaces. It is less than 50 yards from Hamworthy Park entrance and a short walk to the beach.

Lake Pier Car Park BH15 4LR

This is a slightly larger car park holding 66 cars. It is though a walk of about 15-20 minutes to get to Hamworthy Beach.

Poole Town Parking. (around BH15 8HA)

There is much parking in Poole town centre and all of it is around a 20-25 minute walk to Hamworthy Beach