Canford Cliffs Beach Poole

Canford Cliffs Beach and Promenade heading towrds Sandbanks
Looking across the golden sand at Canford Cliff Beach towards Old Harry Rock

Canford Cliffs Beach is one of the four Poole beaches that hold the illustrious Blue Flag for cleanliness and maintenance. It is a superb beach just west of Branksome Chine Beach. There is a seasonal lifeguard station there is also a seasonal beach office.

As with the beaches either side (FlagHead Chine Beach and Branksome Chine Beach) this beach does not allow dogs in the Summer. If you have a dog have a look at the Dog Friendly Beach Page that will show you which beaches allow dogs to be exercised on them in the summer.

The Cliffs at Canford Cliffs Beach

Canford Cliffs is so named because of the cliffs that butt onto the beach. Back in the 1930’s, in order to defend the base of the cliffs from erosion by the sea a concrete promenade was built. A sea-wall at the rear of the promenade completes the defence.

Even so, there were issues with cliff face stability. Recently a great deal of work has been done to secure the cliff face and reduce the risk of falling debris. Along with the cliff defences a new Pavilion and some new beach huts are also being built here. Today the cliffs make a scenic backdrop to the beach.

Canford Cliffs: An Expensive Area

Canford Cliffs Beach and Promenade heading towrds Sandbanks
Canford Cliffs Beach and Promenade heading towrds Sandbanks

The Canford Cliffs area is one of the most expensive property areas in the country. It is only (slightly) beaten by nearby Sandbanks. Indeed Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs are actually the same Parish and so have the same local parish council.

Just back from the beach and a short climb you will find a number of resturants and shops. The village is about 30 meters higher than the beach so you will need to climb. Alternatively you could access Shore Road Beach (on the flat) and use the facilities there.

Parking for Canford Cliffs Beach


Western Road Car Park BH13 6EY

The nearest car park to Canford Cliffs is Western Road Car Park. This holds around 50 cars. Calling this a car park is a bit of a misnomer as it is actually (in the main) on-street parking. But you still have to pay for it. Getting down to the beach from Western Road is fine if you are able bodied. But it gets difficult if you are in a wheel chair or have difficulties with sloes and steps. In that case park at Shore Road or Branksome Chine and then walk on down to Canford Cliffs Beach on the flat.

Shore Road Car Park (BH13 7PH)

This is a car park with 72 spaces. There is also a nearby 12 space disabled parking area. Walk to Shore Raod Beach then turn left. Canford Cliffs Beach is about 400 yards further on after Flaghead Chine Beach.

Branksome Chine Beach Car Park (BH13 6LP)

The main car park for Branksome Chine beach sits in Branksome Chine right on the beach. Within the car park are a number of shops, a cafe and the Branksome Chine Beach office.It is surrounded by the shops, the cafe and the beach office. There are 104 spaces (3 disabled). If you want to get to Canford Cliffs beach on the flat then this is a good choice. park up, walk t the beach and turn left. Due to it’s prime position this car park fills quickly in summer.

Beach Road Car park (BH13 7BE)

This is a large car park with 368 spaces. It is just to the north of Canford Cliffs village and is often used to service both Branksome Chine Beach and Canford Cliffs beach. Be aware that as this car park is on the cliff top there will be a climb getting back up to it from Canford Cliffs Beach.