Avon Beach, Mudeford

Avon beach also simply known as Mudeford Beach is a small family orientated beach near Mudeford Quay. The beach is privately owned and was run by the Dereham family from the mid 1930’s until its sale about ten years ago. In 2012 the beach was bought by another family concern and is now owned and operated by the Hayward family.

Although only a quarter of a mile in length, Avon beach is very popular and is one of the premier beaches in the area.

It is a good sandy family beach with many facilities. Since the Hayward’s took over the beach the cafe has been significantly improved and is now more of a restaurant than a cafe. There has also been a considerable upgrade to many of the other facilities at the beach over time.

A view West along Avon Beach Mudeford
A view from the far end of Avon Beach looking west

There has been some controversy over extensions to some of the company owned beach huts which at the time of writing had just received planning approval.

Noisy Lobster Restaurant

The restaurant is at the far west end of the beach, behind a sea wall. It sits at the eastern end of the main beach car park. Consequently, parking for the restaurant is readily at hand.

The restaurant is now known as the Noisy Lobster. Thought it still sells the legendary hot chocolate that many locals have enjoyed for 40 years especially during the winter months. Just beynd the Noisy lobster you can find a fish and chip shop and a convenience store. It stocks most items you would want on a days outing to the beach.

Beach Huts

The Avon Beach Company also owns and rents out a number of beach huts. But these are (to say the least) very popular and hard to come by. Every year they sell out almost immediately they go up for rental. I understand that the annual rent for one such hut is approximately £3570.

As well as the cafe/restaurant, toilets, shop and various ice-cream sales points, in the summer months the beach is patrolled by Life guards. The size of beach has grown significantly in the last 30 years as a result of the wash down of sand from beach replenishment along Bournemouth and Poole beaches. You will find bizarrely out-of-place end of groyne markers that pop up in the middle of the beach. They mark the ends of what were the seaward extremity of a groyne. But if you want a beach for the kids to dig, with everything close at hand, this is the beach for you.

Friars cliff beach just east of Avon Beach
Friars Cliff Beach near Mudeford

Due to its popularity, in the Summer, this beach gets very crowded, but everything is at hand, and it is a clean safe beach for all the family.The cafe stays open all year. Even in the depths of winter the cafe is busy.

Avon Beach parking


Avon Beach Main Car park BH23 4AN.

The beautiful sandy family beach at Mudeford is serviced by three car parks. The first is directly onto the beach at BH23 4AN. This car park has 99 spaces in total with 6 spaces dedicated to disabled motorists.

Avon Run Road Car park (BH23 4DU)

The second is a larger car park for around 220 cars at the end of Island View Avenue at BH23 4DU. This sunken car park is easy to miss so keep your eyes open especially when you turn into Avon Run Road.

Southcliffe Road Car Park (BH23 4EW)

The other car park is a grass car park at BH23 4EW on Southcliffe road and while being the furthest from Avon beach, it is only a short un-challenging walk away. Be aware that this third car park used to open only during the summer months but now appears to be open all year long. There are 200 spaces.

More parking for Avon Beach Mudeford.

Mudeford Quay (BH23 4AB) “For those prepared to walk about 1Km

Mudeford quay is a short walk for the able bodied from Avon Beach. It offers nearly 450 car parking spaces. After parking at the quay, walk east along the sea wall. You will first arrive at the Avon Beach Car park and then the Noisy Lobster restaurant. Continue anshort distance further and yu will be on the beach.

Avon Beach – Other Parking

There is some time limited street parking along Avon Run Road. Otherwise parking within the area is difficult. Most residential roads having yellow lines to prevent them becoming blocked or restricted by holiday makers. It is best to aim for one of the car parks.