Bournemouth Town Parking

Here is a selection of the largest and most easily accessible car parks in Bournemouth. The list here is not comprehensive. There are many smaller car parks in and around Bournemouth, but to ensure the visitor is not drowned in postcodes I have restricted this list. I will however add to it as time goes on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I hope this information is correct but it is NOT guaranteed. It is provided as-is.

Bournemouth town centre is only 150 yards from the main beach and Bournemouth Pier. So it is only a short walk from the Pier up through the magnificent Lower Gardens to Central Bournemouth. The car parks that serve Central Bournemouth, while slightly further away from the seafront than dedicated beach parking, are also good places to park up for a day at the beach. Some parts of Bournemouth are hilly and some car parks which are away from the town centre tend to require a hill climb. It is worth bearing this in mind if you are pushing a pushchair with a number of kids in tow as well.

Bournemouth radiates out from Bournemouth Square, which is a large elegant pedestrianised area sandwiched between the Lower and Middle gardens. Bournemouth Square is usually the host to a number of entertainments and markets and is a lively vibrant area. Bournemouth Square is the lowest point in Urban Bournemouth. Consequently, to visit the shops, in either direction, will requires a gentle hill climb. An exception to this is the large Debenhams department store that sits right on the square, along with the "Moon on the Square" pub and several other smaller shops.

Town Parking

Avenue Road Multistorey Car Park BH2 5SL

Situated at the back of the Western end of Bournemouth shopping centre, Avenue Road Car park is the largest car park in Bournemouth with over 1000 spaces. Access is easy from the A338. The car park is on a hill and is about 400 yards from the Lower Gardens and Bournemouth Square. In all it is about a 15-20 minute walk from the beach

BIC Multistorey Car Park BH2 5BH

The Bournemouth International Centre holds a large multistorey car park. While this is a little further away from the town centre than other Exeter Road car parks it is the nearest major town car park to the beach. The car park holds 650 vehicles. Obviously it is an ideal choice if you are going to the BIC for the evening.

Exeter Road Car Parks BH2 5AU

There are two major car parks right near Bournemouth Square. These lie on the end of Exeter Road. The largest is a new NCP multistorey that has just been completed. Be aware that the smaller of these two car parks (66 places) has a maximum stay time of 4 hours. The other car park (260 places) can be used for up to two days.

Glen Fern Multistorey Car Park BH1 2LZ

Glen Fern Multistorey car park offers about 400 spaces. It is a near the Northern top of town and is right by the Bowling alley and very close to the main Bournemouth night clubs. A 10 minute walk gets you to the square. The beach is 20-25 minutes away.

Car Parking at the Pavillion BH1 2BU

While this car park is aimed at providing parking spaces for the clientele of the Pavillion it is actually open to everyone. It has 185 spaces and is very close to the East Cliff and West Cliff beaches as well as the town centre.

Richmond Gardens Multistorey BH1 1JD

This is the 2nd largest car park in Bournemouth with around 950 places. it is permissible to park for 24 hours. It is also a way from the beach requiring about a 10 minute walk to the Square and a 20-25 minute walk to the beach. It is located at the top of Richmond Hill. Vehicular access is almost directly off the A338. Be warned that while getting down the hill to Bournemouth Gardens and then the beach is easy, getting back up Richmond Hill at days end is somewhat more problematic. There are lifts which take you to/from a shopping arcade half way down the pedestrianised part of Old Christchurch Road which significantly reduces the hill climb compared to that offered by Richmond Hill Road.

The Winter Gardens Car Park BH2 5AP

The Winter Gardens car park sits on the site of the Old Winter Gardens theatre that was demolished a number of years ago. It has parking for around 540 cars. The car park is accessed off Exeter road via a short winding narrow road. It climbs a gentle hill taking you to a roundabout at the top. The car park is in two halves with the larger section being on the right, while the left hand leads to a car park with a slightly quicker access to the seafront. To access the town centre, you walk down the hill through the gardens or down the access road. The town centre is about a quarter of a mile away.